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In addition to her seasoned concert ministry, Annie's passion is leading worship which she does in her home church and also on an itinerent basis by invitation. She also frequently speaks at conferences, to ladies groups, and church congregations giving her testimony as well as biblical teaching. At home she founded and hosts the FIRST Las Vegas Ladies Tea Society which she considers an extension of her ministry, and is working toward authoring several books including a devotional based on real life experiences from her travels on the road.

Annie is more than a christian entertainer -- she's a living miracle! Pronounced dead at birth, having struggled with cancer & an ongoing heart defect, she is a survivor and says; " I praise God that He held on long enough to get me to where I am -- not being on stage, but in my walk with the Lord."

Years prior to her commitment to Christ, she was touring with a rock 'n' roll band, consumed with loneliness and convinced that making it to the top would fill that void. She was also deeply involved in an Ocultist Life-style and practicing witchcraft. Her mother called long distance, in the middle of a five month band tour, to tell her again about the love of God. She did not want anything to do with it. She vowed to her mother that she " would never sing in a church." and she " would never do gospel music."

A relationship with Jesus Christ was eventually embraced and she left music for a while, not convinced she wanted to pursue it anymore. Some time passed and she wrote her first "Christian" song, " I Love You Lord ", a poignant testimony of seeking and finding, victory and encouragement.

This former rock 'n' roller has worked with prominent Christian artists such as Jars of Clay, Michael O'Brian, Darrell Mansfield, White Heart, Sheila Walsh, Russ Taff, Bryan Duncan, David Meece, Rebecca St. James, Ashley Cleveland, and has had the opportunity to sing in services at renown churches from In Touch Ministries (Rev. Charles Stanley) to Horizon Christian Fellowship (Pastor Mike MacIntosh) in San Diego, California. Annie has released five albums, and has 2 songs on the Faithrunner compilation project.
Annie Meadows - Faithrunner Records
Annie Meadows - Faithrunner Recording Artist
Annie Meadows Faithrunner Records
Annie Meadows Faithrunner Records
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