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Annie Meadows has spent decades touring the world as a singer, songwriter, worship leader, speaker, author, and radio personality.

Having had her foundation shaken to the core by the death of her beloved husband Peter, she took a sabbatical to work through her grief.  Never losing hope, she emerged with a newfound inner strength that was established years before when a man in New York surprised her with these words: “You will one day reach out to the broken-hearted, and the outcast of this world.”  

Over the years, Annie has been called a “Navy Seal” in ministry, having overcome what most would refer to as unsurmountable hardships in life. 

Continually seeking the presence of God has allowed her to endure illness, loss, sorrow, despair, and solitude. Annie has remained steadfast with her face to the wind, keeping her finger on the pulse of God. 

In keeping the faith, she encourages her audiences to do so as well by sitting back and soaking in faith, hope, and love. 

Annie will be a guidebook to those who are giving up and she will bring encouragement to those still holding on. 

Her heart’s desire is to be used by God to “Repair the world one heart at a time.


Annie, I don’t know how you are able to share your deepest thoughts. They are so real to so many (people) who cannot express themselves.  I am thankful for you.



Annie, your music has spoken to me for many years, ever since I heard you at Harvest Cathedral in Macon, Georgia! 



You have not let any of your suffering go to waste and that has greatly encouraged and inspired me in the last few years.



I love when you share from the heart…your life, all our lives, was meant to be a ministry to others…it’s His ministry though not ours! He uses and moves through us to bless others! I love when you share and make it about Jesus and make Him the focal point…that’s why He created us to minister! Only to bring Him the Glory! May He continue to grow you and show you that no matter what you do, your life…created by Him, was created for ministry, to always bring Him the glory!



The Journey Archives

A 30-minute radio show where Annie shares from her experiences and periodically hosts a variety of interesting guests.

Events with Annie



Date August 18, 2024Time 9:00 amVenue Hidden Valley Community ChurchLocation 605 North Bennett Road, Dodgeville, Wisconsin 53533 United States

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